Evaluation Reports

Evaluation reports from ICC, IAPMO, and other third-party evaluation services are available below.

ULFE R25033 Firestopping Products

ICC-ESR 4934 for CEMCO’s CT Studs

ICC-ES ESR 2620 – ViperStud Interior Framing Products

IAPMO-UER 524 – Viper-X Interior Framing

IAPMO-UER 185 – Sure-Board Series 200S

IAPMO-UER 126 – Sure-Board Series 200

IAPMO-UER 286 – Pro X Header

ICC-ES ESR 3016 – CEMCO Structural Framing Products

ICC-ES ESR 4205 – SFIA Steel Framing Products

ICC-ES ESR 1623 – CEMCO Metal Lath Products

ICC-ES ESR 2012 – CEMCO Slotted Tracks

High quality steel framing products.

CEMCO is one of the few manufacturers to produce all of our products from high quality mill-certified PRIME hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our products are manufactured to the stringent tolerances established by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the most recent IBC, IRC, and CBC Building Codes.