IAS Certified Testing Laboratory

CEMCO’s Engineering Laboratory is an IAS accredited testing lab, TL-316, which is experienced in testing cold-formed steel framing products and materials. Testing is performed in accordance with various structural and material testing methods such as AISI, ASTM, and ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. From material testing to full-scale ceiling/floor/wall assemblies, our lab’s state of the art instrumentation and skilled lab technicians can help you with your project today. Call 925-473-9340 and ask for the testing lab.

CEMCO Value-Added Services:

Value Added Service

Researching physical, chemical, and structural properties of steel and cold-formed steel framing products.

Value Added Service

Testing mechanical properties of steel and cold-formed steel framing products.

Value Added Service

Measuring the structural integrity of components within cold-formed steel framed assemblies.

Value Added Service

Testing and recording various data and how they measure up to current building codes.

The CEMCO Structural Engineering 1-2-3 process:


Listen, review, and create a contract suitable to the customers needs.


Coordinate and perform testing.


Provide the customer with the requested data and/or test report.

Our Services

Structural Engineering

CEMCO’s staff of engineers is ready to assist you with services ranging from simple calculations to complete building design.

Technical Services

CEMCO’s technical services group is available for immediate product support for all of our steel framing, metal lath, and accessory.

Architectural Support

Retrieve important information, construction specifications, and supporting documentation for all of CEMCO’s products.