Metal Lath Accessories

Patches are a recent development by CEMCO based on a timeless use of 2.5 diamond lath, but manufactured in strips or ‘patches’ to be used over door and window corners to greatly reduce cracking, by reinforcing stress areas. Patches can also be used as grout stop in masonry applications.

The need for water management in stucco assemblies has become a major concern among contractors and architects. CEMCO has taken an active role in assisting the construction industry by introducing water management stucco accessories. All of the products in CEMCO’s new line of accessories will have dual functions. First, they will serve as stucco grounds to maintain the proper thickness. Second, they will be flashings to divert water away from the water-resistant barrier, a feat CEMCO achieved by extending the width of the attachment leg and removing the perforated nailing holes. CEMCO will also address the issue of stucco-accessory corrosion resistance by manufacturing the water management accessories in 25-gauge materials with a G-90 zinc coating.

As the premier provider of metal lath products to the construction industry, CEMCO offers expansion joints and expanded corner beads manufactured by Niles Building Products, Inc. These expanded metal trims and expansion joints are produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel that comply with ASTM C1063 and C841. Some products are also available in pure zinc on a special order basis. Corner trims are available in 1-A or 2-A Reinforced configurations in 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’ lengths carefully packaged in heavy-duty cardboard boxes for easy shipment and storage.

CEMCO provides along with its extensive metal lath and accessory product line, corner accessories for every application used by today’s contractors. CEMCOCORNER, a welded wire product is available in standard lengths to accommodate just about every situation seen in the field. CEMCO also provides expanded corners for exterior plaster systems in both 1A and reinforced 2A configurations, also available in various lengths.

CEMCO manufactures several types of weeps, screeds, and casing beads for the exterior plaster industry. All are manufactured to tight tolerances using hot dipped galvanized steel that meets ASTM, Federal, and FHA specifications.

CEMCO is quality, service, support, and innovation.

Founded in 1974, CEMCO is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of steel framing and metal lath systems in the United States. CEMCO has built its reputation on the finest in quality material, using only mill certified hot-dipped galvanized steel. As an SFIA certified code compliant manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing and metal lath products with state-of-the-art roll-formers, CEMCO services both small and large construction projects. CEMCO distributes our products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim.