Sound Test Reports

Sure-Span Sound Test Reports

CEMCO’s Sure-Span Floor Joist System has been tested for STC and IIC ratings.

ViperStud Sound Test Reports

ViperStud has been tested several single, double, and unbalanced wall conditions for various STC ratings.

Viper-X Sound Test Reports

Viper-X has been sound tested in several wall assemblies for various STC ratings.

HOTROD and HOTROD XL Sound Test Reports

CEMCO’s HOTROD and HOTROD XL have been tested for STC in several wall assemblies.

Sound Test Reports for Fire Bead, Fire Gasket, Sound Gasket, FAS J-Track, RBR Strap, 093X

HOTROD and HOTROD XL Sound Test Reports

Sure-Board Sound Test Reports

Sure-Board Series 200S/F sound tests are available here.


RC1-XD sound tests can be found here.

High quality steel framing products.

CEMCO is one of the few manufacturers to produce all of our products from high quality mill-certified PRIME hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our products are manufactured to the stringent tolerances established by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the most recent IBC, IRC, and CBC Building Codes.