Viper-X Sound Test Reports

Viper-X Sound Test Reports

STC-59 2_layer_2_layer_Viper-X 22mil_24 OC_R13_RC1X_TL17-371

STC-59 2_layer_2_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC-R13_RC1X_TL17-361

STC-57 2_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 22mil_24 OC_R13_RC1X_TL17-372

STC-56 2_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 28 mil_24 OC_R13_RC1X_TL17_379

STC-56 2_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R12_RC1X_TL17-362

STC-54 2_layer_2_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC-R13_TL17-360

STC-53 1_layer_2_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R13_INTERTEK K6244.01

STC-53 1_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 22 mil_24 OC_R13_RC1X_TL17-373

STC-53 1_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R13_RC1X_TL17-363

STC-52 2_layer_2_layer_Viper-X 22mil_24 OC_R13_TL17-369

STC-50 2_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 22mil_24 OC_R13_TL17-368

STC-50 2_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R13_TL17-359

STC-46 1_ layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R13_TL17-367

STC-44 1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_R13_TL17-358

STC-41 1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_TL17-357

STC-41 1_layer_1_layer_Viper-X 18mil_24 OC_TL17-365

High quality steel framing products.

CEMCO is one of the few manufacturers to produce all of our products from high quality mill-certified hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our products are manufactured to the stringent tolerances established by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the most recent IBC, IRC, and CBC Building Codes.