Sure-Span UL Assemblies

UL Fire Rated Assemblies for Sure-Span Floor Joist System

UL P562-Sure-Span Roof

UL P561-Sure-Span Roof

UL P546-Sure-Span Roof

UL H508-Sure-Span/Sure-Board Series 200S

UL H503-Sure-Span/Sure-Board Series 200S

UL G595-Sure-Span

UL G588-Sure-Span

UL G580-Sure-Span

UL G574-Sure-Span

UL G565-Sure-Span

UL G560-Sure-Span

UL G559-Sure-Span

UL G557-Sure-Span

UL G556-Sure-Span

High quality steel framing products.

CEMCO is one of the few manufacturers to produce all of our products from high quality mill-certified hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our products are manufactured to the stringent tolerances established by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the most recent IBC, IRC, and CBC Building Codes.