Interior Non-Load Bearing

Interior Non-Load Bearing


CEMCO offers ViperStud and Viper-X (West Coast Only) interior framing products. Both product lines are manufactured using the highest quality hot-dipped galvanized steel and meet or exceed current building code standards as well as those of AISI and ASTM. Visit the Submittal Creator section HERE to search for and downlaod the specification sheets for your project today. 

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These critical components are often combined with our stud and track systems to provide for extra bracing, furring, backing, and sound-dampening requirements. The available products in this group include, resilient channels,  furring/hat Channels, backing Plate/flat strapping cold-Rolled/u-Channel and various angles, clips, and brake shapes.

Furring Channels
Trims and Finishes
Sound Channels

FAS Products for Walls

FAS Products are also available for wall applications that require rated control joints and finishes. 

CEMCO's New TAB Track Screw-less Framing System

CEMCO's new patent pending TAB TRACK provides a non mechanical (screwless) stud-to-track attachment for metal stud wall framing. A series of 1" long tabs are evenly spaced across the track’s legs providing flexibility ...



CEMCO CST brand slotted slip tracks are fabricated in following web depths and thicknesses. All CEMCO CST brand slotted slip tracks are produced from G40 coated steel for 18 and 33 mil products. All others are manufactured...