June 13, 2024


To Our Valued Customers,

Effective with shipments on or after July 15, 2024, CEMCO will raise prices on ALL PRODUCTS FOR ALL MARKETS.
This increase is in response to a recent collapse of market pricing across the U.S. This price deflation has outpaced the reductions in price offered by steel mills, both domestic and foreign,
resulting in unsustainable margin compression in our business.

As always, we strive to buy and sell as competitively as possible, but our short-term visibility of steel costs does not justify the steep decline in sales price we have experienced over the past
few months.

Your updated price sheets relating to this current announcement will be available from your
sales representative in the week prior to the effective date.

As per our job quote policy, all quotes will be honored if they are committed in writing within
30 days of origination. The quoted pricing will be FIRM for 180 days from the date created.

Please refer to CEMCO’s job quote policy posted as follows:


Thank you for your continued support.



CEMCO Sales Management Team