Technical Services

CEMCO Technical Services

We provide services to a broad range of clients, from large corporations to individual contractors. Technical assistance is offered throughout the United States with the majority located in the western part of the country. Click here for a list of some of our projects.

Serving as a knowledgeable resource on the most current industry standards, CEMCO's Technical Services division provides support to our team that helps us adhere to a high standard of quality and care. The Technical Services team provides professional service to architects, engineers, distributors, contractors, and building officials.

CEMCO Technical Services 1-2-3 Process

  1. Listen to the client to determine needs.
  2. Analyze the situation and any ancillary conditions.
  3. Provided a customized solution.

We pride ourselves on providing fast and courteous service that helps you keep your project on time and within budget. Contact us for assistance in the following areas:

  • Ensuring your construction projects adhere to industry standards and construction code requirements
  • Technical calculations for height, span, joist, and load capacity
  • Assistance on correctly installing CEMCO products
  • CEMCO product specifications
  • Minimal in-house design work
  • Technical training seminars
  • Code approvals such as ICC ES, LA City, DSA, and others
  • Fire resistance assemblies
  • Questions about who to contact for the technical guidance you need

You can check out our list of frequently asked questions as a fast solution to your inquiry or call CEMCO Technical Services at (800) 416-2278 for expedited service.