Sure-Board® For Shear

Sure-Board® For Shear

Sure-Board® is a patented revolutionary product designed for today’s ever changing construction industry. Developed out of the need for a stronger, longer lasting and more reliable shear wall panel, Sure-Board® is the best choice for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors alike.

By combining the strength of steel with a myriad of gypsum-based and substrate panels, Sure-Board’s composite characteristics provide unsurpassed resistance against loads imposed by seismic activity, hurricane force winds, fire, mold, impact and blast while actively reducing sound transmission.

Below are the various types for SureBoard products designed specifically for the assembly indicated.

Sure-Board® Series 200S-P Sheathing for Pitched Roofs

Sure-Board® for Shear Series 200S-P (Pitched Roof) panels are 1/2” x 48” x 48” fiber cement panels backed with 33 mil (20 gauge)
thick sheet of hot-dipped G40 ga...


Sure-Board® Series 200S-F Sheathing for Floors and Flat Roofs

Sure-Board® for Shear Series 200S-F (Floor & Flat-Roof) panels are 3/4” x 48” x 48” fiber cement panels backed with 33 mil (20 gauge) thick sheet of

Sure-Board® Series 200B for Blast and Ballistics


Sure-Board® 200B for Blast/Ballistic is an enhanced version of 200, used in pre-tested assemblies for varying degrees of Blast/Ballistic protection.

Sure-Board® Series 200W for Wood Framing


Sure-Board® Series 200W for Steel framing and Series 200W for Wood Framing are a steel sheet and medium density fiber board composite product that are installed on steel ...


Sure-Board® Series 200 for Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Sure-Board® Series 200 for Steel Framing is a steel sheet and gypsum board composite product that is installed on steel framed shearwalls