SJC Steel Joist Connectors

SJC connectors have been specifically designed for various CFS joist, rafter and underside of metal-deck applications. The unique clip dimensions enable easy installation on the open side of joists and rafters with up to 3 1/2" flanges and return lips up to 3/4". For metal-deck applications, the pre-punched 3/8" holes easily accommodate 6", 8", 10" and 12" on-center metal-deck flutes.
Key Features
  • Pre-punched holes reduce installation cost by eliminating predrilling
  • Intuitive fastener hole positions ensure accurate clip installation in accordance with design, support a wide range of design and application requirements and provide installation flexibility
  • Angle lengths accommodate either hard-side or soft-side attachment for joists with return lips up to 3/4"
  • 4 1/2" leg length enables soft-side connections for joists with flanges up to 3 1/2"
  • Also accommodates kicker-to-metal-deck applications
Material: SJC – 68 mil (50 ksi); MSJC – 97 mil (50 ksi)
Finish: Galvanized (G90)