SCHA Horizontal Slide Clip Connectors

Introducing the Simpson Strong-Tie® SCHA slide-clip connector — an ideal solution for panelized or stick-frame construction where cold-formed steel bypass framing anchors to the top of a floor slab or the bottom flange of a steel beam. Testing shows that anchorage method and placement have significant impact on the buckling capacity of the anchored leg. For this reason, we developed and tested the SCHA connector to accommodate several different anchorage methods to concrete and steel. The connector even features a wider support leg to decrease eccentricity on anchors and provide a variety of anchorage options. The included SCVS slider provides superior rotational support to the vertical leg of the SCHA connector, helping to improve the buckling performance of the anchored leg.
Key Features
  • Provides a full 1" of both upward and downward movement
  • Tabulated design values for anchorage help mitigate risk and provide ease of specification
  • No need for left or right parts — either face of anchorage leg can be used against the support
  • Accommodates stand-off distances up to 4 3/4"
  • Can be used with 3 5/8", 4", 6" and 8" studs
  • Pre-punched anchor holes accommodate 1/4"-diameter Titen HD® or other 1/4"-diameter concrete screw anchors, and 0.157"-diameter powder-actuated fasteners such as the Simpson Strong-Tie® PDPAT-62KP
  • Pre-punched anchor holes also eliminate the need for pre-drilling and help ensure accurate anchor placement
Material: SCHA: 118 mil (10 ga., 33 ksi); SCVS: 97 mil (12 ga., 33 ksi)
Finish: Galvanized (G90)