CEMCO's New RC1-X High-End Sound Abatement Resilient Channel

CEMCO's New RC1-X was specifically developed as an option for other typical resilient channels used in wall and ceiling applications for both wood and steel framing. CEMCO has tested and confirmed that the RC1-X STC ratings meet or exceed other High-End sound abatement channels.
  • RC1-X tested at WEAL in accordance with ASTM E90.
  • RC1-X is made from G40 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel.
  • G60 is available upon request.
  • RC1-X was tested in several steel framed wall assemblies and wood framed ceiling/floor assemblies.
  • RC1-X is the NEW LEADER for HIGH-END sound abatement channels.
  • RC1-X is EXPANDING YOUR SOLUTIONS nationwide and is be available in ALL 4 CEMCO plants NOW!

Check back frequently for more information on CEMCO's NEW RC1-X or contact your local CEMCO sales rep today at 800-775-2362.