CEMCO's Flute Shield

CEMCO® FLUTE SHIELD is a galvanized steel clip that is designed to conceal and compress mineral wool within the parallel legs of the clip profile. CEMCO’s Flute Shield is sold independently of the mineral wool so that the installer can use any UL certified 4 PSF minimum mineral wool or mineral wool plug compressed to 33% within the perpendicular flute void. The Flute Shield is friction fit over the web and leg of the installed header track on both sides of the wall and no additional fire spray is required over the clip.
  • FLUTE SHIELD is made for all flute size openings.
  • FLUTE SHIELD is UL tested and certified to UL-2079 5th Edition.
  • FLUTE SHIELD provides an L-Rating of less than 1 CFM.
  • FLUTE SHIELD is tested for air leakage for compliance with Section 713.6 of IBC and CBC.
  • FLUTE SHIELD provides 1- and 2-hour fire rates with the same clip profile.
  • FLUTE SHIELD is specifically manufactured and marked to be easily recognizable by inspectors.
  • FLUTE SHIELD has zero fatigue and will not breakdown for the life of the assembly.
  • FLUTE SHIELD installs fully cured and has no installation temperature or humidity restrictions.