These studs and track are manufactured from mill certified galvanized prime steel, and are designed for use in curtain-wall and load bearing applications. Thicknesses range from 33 mils (20 ga.) to 118 mils (10 ga.). Flange or leg sizes for both studs and track range from 1 ¼” all the way up to 3-1/2”. These products are produced with a standard G-60 coating, but are also available with a G-90 upon special request.

Exterior Curtain Wall

These non-load bearing members are designed for use in non-axial load bearing wall applications typically seen in commercial and retail buildings.

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Exterior Load-Bearing

These members are intended to accommodate structural framing conditions in both wall and floor/ceiling applications.

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U-Channels for Bridging/Bracing (aka Cold-Rolled Channels/CRC)

A versatile product commonly used as stiffeners in metal framing systems. Can also be used in suspended ceilings, furring applications, and both load and non-load bearing walls to help resist twisting of the wall studs.