Steel Framing

Steel Framing

Exterior Structural & Curtain wall

CEMCO's structural framing products are manufactured to the strict tolerances set forth by the 2012 and 2015 IBC, and verified by ICC-ES ESR#3016. All CEMCO products are manufactured right here in the USA at one of our four state-of-the-art production facilities strategically located in four major metropolitan markets to ensure that YOUR service and quality requirements are met.

Floor / Ceiling

Interior Non-Load Bearing

FAS Products for Walls

FAS Wall Products

FAS Wall Products offer solutions for several applications requiring fire-rated joints, reveals, and backers. 


FAS® Track 1000 and DDA™ Head-of-Wall Systems

Sure-Board® For Shear

Sure-Board® is a patented revolutionary product designed for today’s ever changing construction industry. Developed out of the need for a stronger, longer lasting and more reliable shear wall panel, Sure-Board® is the best choice for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors alike.

By combining the strength of steel with a myriad of gypsum-based and substrate panels, Sure-Board’s composite characteristics provide unsurpassed resistance against loads imposed by seismic activity, hurricane force winds, fire, mold, impact and blast while actively reducing sound transmission.

Below are the various types for SureBoard products designed specifically for the assembly indicated.

Rough Openings

The unique shape of ProXHeader is engineered to carry higher load values with less steel.

Most wall openings can be supported with a single piece header and for wider openings an insert member is added for additional strength. The patented system utilizes an internal clip that fastens to the vertical Jamb stud(s). The ProXHeader member snaps into place and leaves a flush surface for the application of drywall.

Material and labor costs are sharply reduced and construction productivity is increased. Installation is simplified and can be accomplished with a single framer. As with a traditional built-up box header the need to measure, cut and fit several stud and track components is eliminated. Additionally there is no welding and much less screwing when using ProXHeader.

ProX Header/ProX Rough Opening
Standard CEMCO Framing Products

Shaftwall / Area Separation Walls

USG Shaftwall Products

The United States Gypsum Co. in partnership with CEMCO, presents the construction industry’s best performing shaftwall, fire wall, and party wall components; The SHEETROCK Brand Shaft Wall System. CEMCO is the licensed manufacturer of these products, which include the CH-Stud, J-Track, H-Stud, and C-Runner components. A successful history of quality and productivity are the basis for this long-standing partnership between USG, the largest gypsum wallboard producer in the world, and CEMCO, the premier manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products in the Western United States. 

USG C-H Shaftwall/ Stairwells
USG H-Stud Area Separation Walls

Simpson Strong-Tie

CEMCO now carries the following Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Framing.

One-Stop-Shop with CEMCO for your clip and connector needs. Call your customer service rep for pricing and availability today.