CEMCO Launches New HOTROD Type X for Head-of-Walls

CEMCO Launches HOTROD Type X Compressible Firestop 
HOTROD Type-X is a compressible intumescent fire-stopping foam that provides 1 and 2 hour fire & smoke ratings for both dynamic and static joints according to UL-2079 (for both standard walls and shaft walls) and is sound tested according to ASTM E90.
HOTROD Type X is available in 2 size options:
  • ½" X 1" for 1-hour walls; 48" long 20 (80') pieces per box

CEMCO® JOINS the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA)

Los Angeles, CA – Last week at INTEX EXPO 2016 in New Orleans, LA, CEMCO, the premier manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing and metal-lath products in the Western United States announced that it has joined the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA). SFIA is the leading trade association dedicated to expanding the market for cold-formed steel in construction through programs and initiatives that promote the use of cold formed steel framing as a sustainable and cost-effective solution.