Discontinued Products Effective June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020


Product Discontinuation Announcement


Dear Valued Customer:


In order to provide the best service possible, it is necessary to occasionally review our product line to ensure that we are offering the products which provide the greatest benefit to our customers. When products reach the end of their respective life cycles, it is important to remove them from our product line, so we are free to recommit our resources to those items that provide the greatest opportunity for both installers and stocking distributors.


To further this objective, we are removing the following products from our offering:


Product Number

Product Description


CEM MESH 1/8” Flat Rib


CEM MESH 1/8 Flat Rib “K” Paper


EL GRANDE 1/8” Flat Rib “D” Paper


20GA E-Stud x 2-1/2”


20GA E-Stud x 4”


20GA E-Stud x 6”


These discontinuations will allow CEMCO to focus on products that our customers value the most and will allow us to provide the best service possible. Though we will cease production of these parts immediately, remaining inventory will be available for purchase while supplies last.


As always, we thank you for your understanding and support!