CEMCO's New Quoting Policy Effective April 1, 2019

Mutual Commitment
  • Written commitment within 30 Days of this quote signals your intent to purchase material on this
  • quote from CEMCO if you are awarded this project. This will also confirm full acceptance of our
  • quoting policy.
  • Both parties shall honor quoted prices regardless of market conditions at time of order.
  • Misuse of quote or failure to satisfy these requirements are grounds for termination of the quote.
  • Commitment to purchase the products and footages listed on the quote exclusively from CEMCO.
  • Adds for change orders and design-build projects will be added to quote at market prices.
  • Quote requests must provide: Job Name, Contractor Name, Footages, and Job Duration.
  • An active job quote that goes unused for thirty (30) days will be de-activated.
  • Should a committed project be delayed beyond the end date on quote, or there are weight overages, CEMCO is under no obligation to extend the quote. Extensions will be considered upon a full review of current market conditions of pricing and steel availability.
  • Quotes beyond six (6) months will be BUDGETARY only.
  • Jobsite deliveries on full truckloads only. Customer to fill or pay for empty trailer space in the event of LTL delivery to jobsite.
  • Products less than 6’ will incur a $1.00 cut charge per piece.
  • CEMCO does not manufacture products under 3’.
  • Orders with excessive packaging will be charged at CEMCO’s discretion.
Unforeseen Events
  • If an unforeseen event, such as Federal Trade Case 232, causes a “severe impact” on steel cost and/or availability, CEMCO reserves the right to adjust or cancel quotes accordingly.

For a downloadable version in PDF, CLICK HERE.