Section 232 and CEMCO Inventory Policy

To Our Valued Customers,


Section 232 Developments have resulted in rapid price increases and very tight steel supply. In order to supplement our regular inventory, we are now acquiring some coil from non-traditional sources at unprecedented high prices. This extra coil will be set aside and reserved for orders priced at current market levels at time of shipment. This frees us up to commit the entirety of our regular inventory to servicing job commitments.


Be advised, this will create two separate inventories and two separate lead times. There may be occasions when the shorter lead time is worth the higher price. We will leave that decision up to you and your customer. We will do our very best to service your committed jobs in a timely manner. It is our policy to NOT service your stock orders at job prices.


In addition, we have changed our job quoting policies effective March 19th, 2018. Those new policies are available here on 2018 Job Quoting Policies.


As always, our #1 Goal is to make CEMCO your #1 Choice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




CEMCO Sales Management Team