Mill Certification Policy



CEMCO Mill Certification Policy Effective January 1st, 2013

CEMCO’s Mill Certification Policy is to provide Mill Certificates for all steel utilized in
the production of CEMCO stud and track products. Mill Certificates will be provided,
free of charge, upon the request of the customer as required for compliance with the
construction documents. Mill certifications must be requested at the time of order
placement and will be sent with each shipment. This policy does NOT APPLY to
accessory items such as flat strap, angles, E-Studs, notched tracks, beads and trim,
which are not required to have mill certificates.
Mill Certificates shall:
1. Be provided by CEMCO Engineering (IAS TL 316) which is in compliance with
ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17025 and is certified to perform the required testing.
2. Be formatted in a Certified Test Report (sample attached).
3. Be available for Structural and Non-Structural stud and track framing
members only.
4. Be 100% Traceable to each stud and track member and will be marked in
accordance with ASTM C955 (Structural) and ASTM C645 (Non-Structural).
The slit coil number will also be visible on each stud and track member.
Pieces shorter than 6’ may not have ink jetting on each and every piece.
5. The CEMCO mill certificates shall contain the following information:
A. Heat Number
B. Coil Number
C. Nominal Thickness
D. Galvanized Coating weight
E. Yield Strength
F. Tensile Strength
G. Elongation %
H. Test Standard A370
I. Certified Technician Signature
To download a complete copy of CEMCO's Mill Certification Policy click  CEMCO Mill Certification Policy_0.pdf