Flat Rib Lath

Flat Rib Lath

A more rigid lath that the diamond mesh, CEMCO’s Flat Rib lath with its 1/8” longitudinal ribs at 3” on center, provide for greater stiffness allowing wider spacing between wooden or metal supports.

Small openings provide for easy keying of plaster. CEMCO’s flat rib lath is also available in paper-backed in either K (Kraft) paper, commonly known as Cem-Mesh K, or with D or double D paper. As with all of CEMCO’s metal lath products, these too, are manufactured from high quality mill certified prime steel galvanized by the hot-dipped process to meet or exceed Federal Spec. No. QQL-101C, and ASTM A653 Grade 33 G-40 coating.

CEM-MESH K, Self Furred

CEM-Mesh No Paper

CEM-MESH "El Grande" D-Paper