Paper-Backed Dimpled Self-Furred Metal Lath

CEMCO’s Self Furred Diamond Metal Lath “Dimpled” is manufactured with ¼" dimples in the lath. The dimples provide the necessary minimum ¼" furring off the sheathing’s surface to allow for proper embedment and keying of the scratch coat on all types of walls. This lath is available with Grade D asphalt paper backing. A saturated black asphalt paper complying with Federal Spec. No. UUB-790A Style 2 Grade D. Manufactured with a 3" lap for weathered application. D + D is double papered, as required in the Building Code: weather resistive barriers shall be installed
when applied over wood based sheathing, shall include two layers of Grade “D” paper. All CEMCO expanded metal lath is produced from standard G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel. G90 is available upon special request.