Metal Lath Products

Metal Lath Products

CEMCO’s Metal Lath products include Expanded, Self-Furred, Paper-Backed, Cem-Mesh, Flat-Ribbed, and Hi-Ribbed produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our full line of lath and plaster accessories includes Expansion and Control joint products by Niles, along with a multitude of screeds, weeps, corners, and architectural profiles. All CEMCO lath and plaster products meet or exceed industry standards and are certified code compliant via the ICC ES ESR#1623:


Expanded Metal Lath

CEMCO’s versatile metal lath is ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction in walls, ceilings, and fireproofing of steel beams and columns.

Expanded Metal Lath
Dimpled Self-Furred Metal Lath
Grooved Self-Furred Metal Lath

Flat Rib Lath

A more rigid lath that the diamond mesh, CEMCO’s Flat Rib lath with its 1/8” longitudinal ribs at 3” on center, provide for greater stiffness allowing wider spacing between wooden or metal supports.

CEM-MESH K, Self Furred
CEM-Mesh No Paper
CEM-MESH "El Grande" D-Paper

Hi Rib

The most rigid of CEMCO’s lath product line, the riblath has full 3/8” ribs running longitudinally through the lath 4” on center. Between each 3/8” rib is a 1/8” rib which provides for extra stiffness. The rigidity of this lath allows a span up to 24” on center for supporting members. CEMCO’s 3/8” rib is widely used for 1” solid partitions, ceilings, and walls and as reinforcements for concrete floor and roof slab.

3/8" Hi-Rib with K-Paper
3/8" Hi-Rib no paper