LEED v4 is designed to be more flexible than previous editions of LEED, focusing on materials to gain a better understanding of their contents and the effects they may have on human health and the environment.

CEMCO’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

CEMCO is one of the few manufacturers of cold-formed steel framing and metal lath products and accessories to offer our own EPD for your use in qualifying for LEED v4 certification. Submitting CEMCO’s EPD on your project can contribute to the points awarded. Products included in CEMCO's EPD are listed below:

CEMCO’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) covers the following products:
Structural Stud and Track Products
Interior Non-Load Bearing Stud and Track Products
Viper-Stud® Non-Load Bearing Stud and Track Products
Interior Drywall Framing, Furring, and Resilient Channels
Cornerbeads, Trims, and Control/Expansion Joints
Clips, Connectors, and Channels
CST & FAS Track 1000® Head of Wall Products
ProX Header® and ProX Rough Opening Products
Sure-Span® Steel Floor Framing Products
Sure-Board® for Shear Products
USG Area Separation Wall Products
Expanded Metal Lath Products
Lath and Plastering Accessories
Download CEMCO’s EPD below.

CEMCO’s Health Product Declarations (HPD)

To provide you with the most accurate and transparent information about our products, CEMCO has published the following Health Product Declarations (HPD’s) for you to include in your LEED v4 applications. Each HPD is specific to one of the several product groups CEMCO’s manufactures right here in the United States at one of our four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. As we continue to expand our product lines by introducing new and innovative products and systems, we will add their HPD’s to this list below. Check back often to view new and updated HPD’s for many of CEMCO’s products. Click the specific link below to download the HPD to your computer/laptop/smart-device.