CEMCO's Metal Wall Type Manager Software and REVIT files for download

CEMCO’s Wall Type Manager (WTM) software is a major step forward in designing with cold-formed steel framing using REVIT technology. Wall Type Manager allows you to create specific wall types “on- the- fly” in REVIT, automatically calling out and detailing CEMCO components. You also have access to all of CEMCO’s products, including IBC code approved  ViperStud® and Certified Steel Stud Association (CSSA) approved steel framing, along with other CEMCO brand accessories. All of these options are readily available in REVIT and allow for fast, effective, and completely integrated design of cold-formed steel wall, floors, and rough-openings.

Click one of the folllwing links below to download CEMCO's Wall Type Manager for use with your specific version of REVIT.

Click one of the following links below to download CEMCO's REVIT families.