CEMCO's New TAB Track Screw-less Framing System

CEMCO's new patent pending TAB TRACK provides a non mechanical (screwless) stud-to-track attachment for metal stud wall framing. A series of 1" long tabs are evenly spaced across the track’s legs providing flexibility to regular and irregular layout. Once the studs are nested within the TAB TRACK the tabs may be pushed inward on either side of the stud to prohibit lateral movement while maintaining vertical deflection. Available in 33 mil thickness, tab track is manufactured from G40 hot-dipped galvanized steel. G60 and G90 are available only upon special request and will require extended lead-times.
FAS TAB TRACK, with factory applied intumescent strips is also available. Clik here to download the spec sheet for  TAB FAS Track 33mil.pdf
To view a quick video on CEMCO's new Tab Track, Click HERE